sábado, novembro 26, 2011

One year, my dear.

You know my dear, now completing a year, would seem strange, everything is in mycontradictory feelings, thoughts and actions.
I often feel that the time flew passed too quickly when I utter the phrase "one year", seems like yesterday lived all that drama, news, events fatality. Sometimes, time seems to dragwhen I wake up and not against you, when I need a hug and a kiss yours, to see and feel the joy, the long conversations before bed ...
Living a lie in my actions, because I often try to fill my time with various things so I do notencounter the reality and sometimes, not to say always, it is hard and cruel. Grief and mourning too much for not falling into a black hole, and look in some time between him andheld me in your love, your light, having been rescued in time, even before I surrender tonothing.
I think how life was good and generous to me, giving you a gift, then I am faced with theunpleasant surprise and terrible, that she kept patiently for 16 years for me.
Today I think ... actually I do not know what I think, as I said it's all so contradictory.
There are moments where I stand like a rock, in others I find myself weak and defenseless.
There are moments in which I understand and accept it with all the peace and gentlenessthat only those who have true love is able to achieve in others I feel angry, not acceptinganything of what was in store for me, for our lives!
It is my dear, in the midst of this storm comes your picture, I can still feel your kisses and hugs and then put myself in the foot, grief and seek balance and peace that once reignedin me and in my heart.
For you, keep fighting, trying to find happiness and peace that I met one day.

Love, Mom.

Da Angélica para o Matheus. 

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ThayShafer disse...

Oi linda. Não sei se você lembra, más a algum tempo atrás você tinha me pedido ajuda em layout só que eu havia demorado pra te responder :/, desculpa. Então, agora decidi disponibilizar um layout que eu usava no blog e que as meninas achavam lindo. O layout é do modelo clássico do blogger.. da uma olhadinha lá no meu blog e vê se você gosta. Se gostar, me manda seu e-mail que eu te envio o código por email :D

Beeijos, espero que goste e desculpa pela demora.


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